Color Combos worth Considering

We stand firm that our best baits are the ones you design.  However, sometimes we can all benefit from new suggestions.  With that in mind, RBB wants to give you the option to order our specialty colors that have previously been seen at the shows we attend.  These colors are available in any bait style, with or without SuperFlex, just ask! We will continue to add more color combos, so check back.  Each of these can be ordered just as simply, shoot us an email.

To get us started on the RBB specialty colors:

Black Cherry Electric Watermelon Peanut Butter + Grape Jelly
Black Pearl Falcon Fan Perch
Black Swamp Mud Fat Tuesday Pewter
Bloody Mary Gooseberry Rainbow Trout
Blueberry Greenback Craw Purple Haze
Bluegill Gunmetal Shimmering: Gold, Red, Purple, Orange 
Buckeye Ice: Black or White Soulful Gumbo
Cherry Mardi-Gras Swamp Moss
Davy Jones Locker Minnow-Green or Purple Hi-lite Whiskey
Electric Chicken Ocochobee Craw


  1. BigFish

    If we have chatted at a show, chances are we have shown you many of these color combos. Lots of planning, and dare we admit fishing, has happened for each of these colors to make the list. We will continue to add pictures of specific bait colors, so you can preview.

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